Only Music

by Sasha Raskin

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    After 8 years of obsessive work and nearly 40 songs that were destroyed in the process by the god of "I don't really need backup" a debut album was born. It's a healthy digital baby whose first word was "sweet".

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"Do not rely on the efficiency and the energy of the first title to automatically store the music of Sasha Raskin in the category electro-pop mainstream. It often takes a bit to make an impression and make people want to listen more and we must admit that Only Music plays this role perfectly: a neat melody, a gimmick that goes well, a quality recording and mixing to make many envious and a rate that does not weaken ... except when the final bridge that surprises us immediately by its originality and finally convinces us that what will follow will be at least sooooo interesting." (from French)


"Quantum Love’s gentle acoustic guitar and flute had me drifting away."


"New EP from the intriguing Israeli musician and producer Sasha Raskin, whose remix of Bjork I especially loved this year. Take it for free on Bandcamp, it sounds great." (from Hebrew)


"This Israeli musician's EP is another free download. He says "Music saved my life. Whether if you're a musician or not, I guess that in some part it did the same for you." He makes extensive use of electronics, creating an imaginative soundscape with a laid back, spiritual vibe. Beautifully produced and original."


"“Only Music” mixes breaked rhythms and synths with everything from brass and funked-out guitars to plucked violin strings and lonely saxophone lines."


"Through the piano, bass, saxophone, guitar, it is possible to identify melodies, harmonies which perfectly complement the linearity of the electro beats of music. Openness of mind which accomplished a musical mix of genres resulting in a deep and consensual." (from French)


"For 8 long years Sasha Raskin, a singer songwriter who lives in Israel, has been working on his debut EP. Everything finally came to fruition on December 13th and Only Music saw the light of day. The album is full of songs that are emotional and introspective both musically and lyrically. The songs work together create something beautiful and religious."


"His new album, Only Music, recorded in company with other good musicians, full of deep, very beautiful music and beautiful vocals. Listen and enjoy!" (from Russian)


"Breathe In by Sasha Raskin is half rock ballad, half electro pop, held together by great vocals."


"His music, to summarize the style is something very open: a mix of rock, electro rhythms, jazz, groove ... A great blend of undoubtedly harmonious sound! And for this mixture, Sasha Raskin immersed in music and writing at the age of 13. The reason that the music is so essential in his life, is that Sasha Raskin has a musical philosophy: to give to others what music has given him. An idea that defined the spirit of free music there ..."

- CLICKNROCK (from French)

"It's just all about and only music. Sasha's debut EP album's name Only Music for me is wrong, cause seeing the artworks for every song and hearing the sound compilation, I catch it as a creative way to show sense and higher task of music. And even because album was made destroying nearly 40 songs!

Might say that every of 6 songs is like a small world. For example, listen to the song Requiem For Beginnings and look on the artwork. Blossom of dills (I guess) is a perfect model of Universe. Start point of blast and then links to many many other little galactics. Nature as Universe and this motive appears on every artwork."




released December 13, 2011


Sasha Raskin:
Lyrics, Composition, Vocals, Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Keyboards, Synthesizers & Drums programming, Mix, Photography, Artwork, Endless Joy, Blood, Sweat and Tears.

Adaya Levon - Vocals in Cocaine Love and Ride On.
Asaf Barak - Sax in Only music and Ride On.
Elad Cohen - Additional Synthesizers in Only Music.
Ilya - Drums in Only Music.
Dima - Aditional E. Guitar in Only Music.
Rufat - E. Guitar in Breathe In.
Ira Kum - Back vocals in Requiem For Beginnings.
Linor - Back vocals in Requiem For Beginnings.
Ran Molad - Additional lyrics in Cocaine Love.


tags: jazz, alternative, singer-songwriter, experimental, electronic, free, acoustic, electronica, sasha raskin, ambient, israel music, jerusalem




Sasha Raskin Boulder, Colorado

Alternative Rock & Electronica that are good for your stomach!

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Track Name: Only Music (Radio Edit)
:: Only music

Sweet wind blows in my ears
Sweet illusion’s dripping
Through my disguise
In my eyes
In my mind
Only music will not lie
I’m screaming pages
To find me home

Oh in my ears
Sweet illusion’s dripping
Through my disguise
In my eyes
In my mind
Only music will not lie
I’m screaming pages

I’ve always felt that I’m coming to an end
But I am here to stay
Only seconds we have left, oh ordinary
Glory time will come

And pass them on, all my friends
And pass them on, all my

Spread your ashes on the wind
Beyond the ocean
To the beginning
Of the sea
And my friends, my
They pass me on all my
They pass me on
Track Name: Cocaine Love (feat. Adaya)
:: Cocaine love

She was just a little ----
She liked the smell of coke
She talked to the winds above
She had the smoke, but had no love

He was addicted
To violins
Because mammy loved to kiss him
In that secret place

Your fingers, like snakes they
So why they, silk and powders
Your joys and regrets, destruction around us

"What’s wrong "? She asked
"I need some love" he said
"It’s ten" she smiled
"But you I’ll ---- for free"

They rent a room together
They loved the spiders on the walls
They thought it’s going to last forever
That pure love doesn’t die

I feel you tonight, embrace the cold

Embrace the cold, your fears are just like sand
Your fingers, your eyebrows, your smells and your worries
Your drawings, your music
Your safe places

She gave him coke to try
For love he was prepare to die
She wanted just a little more
He went to robe some banks for her

They killed him at his second time
Like snow
Like snow
It looks just like snow

They killed him at his second time
Because plastic guns can’t cause any harm
And plastic people can’t handle life
And emotions at great heights
Track Name: Requiem For Beginnings
:: Requiem For Beginnings

Take a minute to slow down
You’re in fountain’s head
This is the place where
Minds keep on going
Places turned around
Where is the sound I
Used to know and love now
It’s not a requiem for beginnings no no
You don’t know the end
And I don’t care and I don’t
Because it’s only the intro my friends
Track Name: Breathe In
:: Breathe In

We fall up into the agony
Flying fish are getting suffocated
The sun is hot our wings are getting shorter
Please get me back into the water
Please set me free from this emotion

Breathe in
Hold the wheel
For seconds free
The road goes in

I’ve seen the lights of North Pole
It said that everyone will die alone
So if that's true then maybe you and me
Can freeze in air just for a second
Enjoy our jump out of the water

Breathe in
Loose the wheel
For seconds free
The road starts here
Track Name: Ride On (feat. Adaya)
:: Ride on

And love is all
Around us tonight
Ride on
You‘re gonna ride all night
Before you can understand
It’s morning now and it’s all one

Ride on you now
You’re gonna twinkle little star
Just now
You’re gonna bringing your walls down
You’re gonna bringing your walls down
You’re gonna win tonight
Because we were born for this
So don’t think of tomorrow

Because you make feel alive
Because you make me fall apart

Shine for me now
You’re gonna be the one to
Sparkle in the night
To shine on little light
So bright
I know you can see through
All this so clear
Like from a flight
So tell me why we keep on complaining

Because you make feel alive
Because you make me fall apart